Swimmer Wannabe

I like water. I am blessed to live in a country made of more than 1,100 islands. That means, almost everyone here has access to a body of water. So it is a little disappointing, to me at least, that I have not learned how to swim. As in, I don’t even know how to float or tread!

Not for long! I am taking matters into my hands. Good thing, my friend and co-midlifer Marita, a former college varsity swimmer agreed to teach me. Yay! She’s also a doctor and can teach me once a week, before we go to our clinics. Thank you!

The plan: Swim at least twice a week: once with Marita, the other on my own.

The venue: The village pool

The incentives: Learn this important life skill and lose weight in the process; prevent boredom from just my running or biking (I’m also into these now, but that’s another story.).
My ever-supportive hubby added to the pot: When I am able to swim 400 meters with very little rest, he’ll buy me a bike (for now I’m just using a hand-me-down bike from my 12-year-old nephew).

When I asked Marita how long it would take me to learn to swim 400 meters, she said “sooner than you think!” Yes, yes, yes!!!

I wonder if that’s true?

The diligent swimmer wannabe learning how to float, despite the rains. 🙂

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