I Love This Ad That Hurt Me

I should have included this in my previous post, but couldn’t because I’m still confused with the buttons of WordPress. Never mind. On second thought, this ad deserves a post of its own.

As many of my friends know, I finished my first marathon in more than seven hours. I was was ecstatic for conquering the distance never mind the fact that I walked more than I ran.

Needless to say,  when I saw this ad a few days after that marathon, I was HURT.


I thought that the message was brash and insulting.

What did they mean? All runners should be fast? Is there no place for slow runners like me? Run like an animal ehhh?

I vowed never to buy Pearl Izumi. How arrogant of them!  I finished a marathon, that’s more than good enough!

Several days after the marathon, I began to train again for the next runs.  I realized that I was still disturbed by the ad. Its message kept coming back.

The marathon is a race meant to be raced…the marathon is a race meant to be raced…

That’s the trouble with running, one has lots of time to think.

Slowly, something happened. The more I thought about it, the more I saw their point. Maybe they are right.  Deep inside I knew that if I put more heart into it, I could have finished earlier.  In this ad’s words,  I moseyed to the finish line.

The hurtful, arrogant ad transformed into A POSITIVE CHALLENGE. They have a point. They may be right… I think they are right….

Now I dare say, this ad is  my inspiration.

I will try my best. I will give my all. I WILL RUN LIKE AN ANIMAL! Roarrrrr!!!


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