My Favorite Sports Print Ads

Effective print ads are works of genius. Given limited space, they put up original and provocative images and  words.  That’s very difficult.

Therefore, I salute the brainiacs who created the ads below.
Great tagline; and yeah, exercise helps “exorcise” negativity (in this case, rage, sadness and insecurity).
I had guilty, sheepish feelings when I read this. Ok, ok, I’ll do it!
The man, the image and the words: credible and emotional.
This could be this blog’s tagline. Indeed, how can a makeover happen if no one tries? And that wet shoe makes me crave for a trail run now. I want!

Since my interest in sports is just barely a year old, I’m sure there are many other great print ads I have not seen.

What are your  favorites?


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