Top Ten Rainy Day Comfort Foods

Good thing it’s my day off today. Otherwise, I would have been absent from work because of Typhoon Gener.  The strong winds and non-stop rain made staying at home the wisest choice.

Being cooped up inside the house on a rainy day makes me think about rainy day comfort foods. Here’s  a list of my favorites.

1. Hot chocolate— thick and rich Flipino tsokolate is the best. All the more if it is eaten with toasted ensaimada or suman.

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2.  Freshly brewed tea –  the soothing effects of the water and all the antioxidants make me feel warm and functional.   Avocado Leaves tea is a new discovery and favorite.  I mentioned it in a previous post.

3.  Warm Taho – fresh tofu, arnibal (brown sugar and vanilla syrup), and sago. Wow, wow!


4. Chicken macaroni soup – a childhood favorite.

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5, Sardines, boiled eggs and steaming hot rice

6. Coffee and Pandesal

7. Champorado (chocolate rice porridge)  – with evaporated milk and brown sugar.

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8. Sinigang na Isda – A complete, healthy meal.

Our dinner today.

9.  Ginataan – Bilo-bilo (glutinous rice balls), bananas, sweet potato, langka, cooked in  coconut milk and sugar.

10.  Chicken Arroz Caldo – rice soup, slices of chicken,  boiled egg, seasoned with fired garlic, clalamansi and spring onions.

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I am grateful that all of the above are so available and easy to prepare.  As always of course,  Eat Moderately is the guideline I try to remember.  It’s so easy to indulge on rainy days.

Oh rainy day! What a delicious day!

Do you like eating on rainy days too? What are your favorites?


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