15 Best Running Advise I Heard, So Far

  1. Register in races so that you will be pushed to train. Fear is a great motivator.
  2. Run early in the morning. Work, family, and social activities make it hard to run consistently in the afternoon or evening.
  3. Training is mandatory. Positive thinking alone cannot give you a good race.
  4. Always be prepared to grab a run.  Have your running gear in your car.
  5. Buy the right shoes.
  6. Charge your ipod.
  7. Don’t use running as an excuse to be absent from work, church, or social obligations.
  8. Start slow.  Too much, too soon is counter-productive.
  9. If there’s a portalet without a line, use it even if you don’t feel like going yet.
  10. Take note of your form when you run.
  11. Drink a sports drink if you are running for more than 45 minutes.
  12.  When it rains, wear your cap or visor to keep the raindrops from going to your eyes.
  13. Remember your petroleum jelly. Chafing is not a joke.
  14. Consider using tampons.
  15. Post race: Hydrate. Nourish. Ice.  Rest.  Sleep.

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