The Best and Worst of Running, Year 1.

Whoah! Time really flies when you’re having fun. It seems just like yesterday when I joined my first official race, the Rexona Men Run (July 2011).   On August 12, I’ll run it again. I’ve come full circle. Thank you very much, LORD.

I must have enjoyed races so much because in a span of thirteen months I joined 17 races! Yes, 17!

  •  5 kms (3) – Adidas KOTR, Run United 3 and Nathan Ridge
  • 10 kms (10) – Rexona Men,   Run United 2, Earth Run, Jose Rizal Run, Fam Run, QCIM, Run Against Leukemia,         Nike Run, Children’s Rights Run, Fit and Fun Buddy Run
  • 16 kms (1) – PSE Bull Run
  • 21 kms (2) – Condura and Milo
  • 42kms (1) – The Bull Runner Dream Marathon

Seventeen runs, each one has a story of its own. To help me put some order to them, I made a list of some details that stood out:

Happiest Prerun Atmosphere: National Geographic  Run 2011. I was just a spectator but was completely entertained by their lights, music and fireworks. This high prompted me to register the very next day for my first race.  I told the story here.

Happiest Overall Race Theme: Run Rizal. Celebrating Rizal’s 150th birthday, they had bands, big drums and marshalls and some runners in Filipino costumes. The loot bags were made of banig. Very Filipino. Very festive.

Drummers pump up the runners at the finish line.

Running Idol:  Susan Lafferty, also a midlifer runner.  She says that she  averages  only two marathons a year but is always on training.  Last March, along with her 21year old daughter Kirsten, she finished the Antarctica Marathon in 6: 09 under brutal conditions: subfreezing temperatures , winds up to 70kph, ice storms and  angry penguins.

Susan in blue, cheering us first time marathoners, just 5 hours after arriving from her Antartica Marathon.

Most Difficult Race Course: Nathan Ridge Run at the Tagaytay Highlands. It took me 59:23 to finish 5kms. Going uphill and downhill were both killers!

The hills were steep! But the fog and the view lessened the agony, somehow.

Most Painful Race: Nike Run Manila at BGC. I registered for 10km but had to drop out at less than 2kms because of a left shin splint.

Best Loot Bags: The Bull Runner Dream Marathon and Robinson’s Buddy Run. My arms got tired from carrying all those groceries.

Biggest  Race I Joined: Milo 2012;  more than 38 thousand runners.

Favorite drinks: Gatorade first, ice cold Pocari second.

Least favorite drink: 100plus because of its fizz

Biggest  Moment: My podium win. I won 3rd place in the 10km Female Division of the Run Against Leukemia  at UP Diliman (Sept 2011). Never mind that there were only four female 10km runners hehe.

Race organizers giving me my prize (a mug and P1000). Not bad, not bad at all! 🙂

Greatest Achievement:  Finishing a full Marathon (that’s 42.195kms!)

Dream Fulfilled! (Nephews Gab and Coy run with me to the finish.)

Favorite magazines: Runners World US and  Runners World Phils.

Least Understood Running Style: Barefoot Running

The shirt explains it. Uh, i still don’t get it.

Best Practice Venue: UP Diliman Academic oval. It  is a 2.2km loop around the Sunken Garden . It’s practically flat, nicely paved and tree-lined.

The canopy of trees make it cool to run even late in the morning.

Hatest Training Element: Hills

Favorite Race Organizer: Runrio. Although their races are more expensive than most, they provide the best care for runners. Very organized, always.

Favorite Prerace Meal: Banana, cereals, soy milk and coffee.

Favorite Midrace Fuel: Bananas. Gels make me feel like choking.

Glucose, Potassium, Vitamins, etc, etc. (PSE Bull Run Jan 2012)

Favorite Post Race Meal: Chocolate soy milk;  Rice and eggs.

Favorite Personal Photo:  Hubby and I after our first marathon.

At the Bull Runner’s Dream Marathon 2012, Nuvali, Sta Rosa Laguna, Phils.

It was a good year. I’m thankful.  Cheers!

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9 thoughts on “The Best and Worst of Running, Year 1.”

  1. Inggit ako, halos sabay lng po tayo nagstart mag run, pero kyo po nkpag marathon na, ako di pa, maybe next year! Congrats po for surving a year in running, more years and looking forward for your BDM, pwede po mavolunteer sa support team?:-)

  2. Back in the year 2008, I used to run in UP area I could do 3 loops but I never join any fun run maybe because I just wanted to run on my own. but I kept telling my friends about my idea that I join and win a prize. It was all in vain but that friend I have mentioned, did it instead and now she runs 21k. Anyway, I stopped running and put the idea at the back of my head, but, it never cease from hunting me.

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