How a Typhoon Did a Good Thing to Me

My oh my, Typhoon Gener’s wind and rains really battered us.  Just look at this photo taken only this morning. Yikes!!

Roxas Boulevard and Manila Bay, 1 August 2012, 8:30 A.M.
Photo Credit: Twitter/Myra Bansale

Reminds me of those bad times with Typhoons Milenyo (Sept 2006) and Ondoy (Sept 2009).

There’s another typhoon that I remember. Falcon, June 2011. It was also big, ugly and destructive.

Photo credit: Pagasa

Yet out of that ugliness came  a good thing: I became a runner.

Huh? Let me tell you how.

In April 2011, just because I saw how fun it was to join an organized run, I had the gall to sign up for a 10km run six weeks out.

Photo credit: runner’

I figured that six weeks was enough time to train, never mind that the last time I ran was probably thirty years ago! I was banking on the fact that I could survive a whole hour of hip-hop dancing at the gym.

Despite that gungho attitude, I procrastinated — la di da di da…

Eleven days before the MIM, I finally started training. I was surprised that I could only cough out 3.3kms on the gym treadmill!  Walking, much more, running required a different kind of fitness.

Photo credit:

One week out, I went to UP Diliman for my first ever walk-run outside the gym. Yucks! Procrastination to the max!

Hubby didn’t want me to join the MIM anymore. He was worried that I was so ill-prepared. “Positive thinking alone is not enough”, he said.

Deep inside, I knew he was right but felt that it was too late to back out.

Two days before the MIM, Falcon arrived. The metro was wet and flooded.

Photo credit:

No choice. The MIM was cancelled.

That gave me another four weeks to train before the next race.

On July 24, 2011, when I ran my first race, I was stronger and more prepared. I had a great first time experience.

Feeling confident a few minutes before the start of my FIRST RACE

If  the MIM pushed through, I would have had  pain and disappointment. Most probably, too discouraged to ever want to run again.

In this light, I thank God for Falcon. It did a good thing to me.


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