Kick My Butt!

I told you that I love running, right? Yes.

I also told you that I couldn’t wait for the rains to stop so I could run again, right? Yes. (Read about it here.)

Well, today the rains stopped and the sun shone brightly.

Did you run?

Uhmm…well…uhmmm…. no.

Huwatt?!? WHY NOT?!?

Well,  Sir Isaac Newton will tell you why:

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1721)
Photo credit: Wikipedia

If a body is at rest it remains at rest or if it is in motion it moves with uniform  velocity until it is acted on by a resultant force.

There, he said it.

Again, but simpler now please, Sir:

A body at rest, will remain at rest until something pushes it.

See? My behavior is completely understandable. I’m bound by the First Law of Motion!

Ok, whatever… (rolling of eyes)….WHO AM I KIDDING HERE?

What I deserve is a good kicking.

Here, (talking to myself),  I’m giving you ten BIG kicks!

1.  You said you didn’t want to be a slow runner anymore. Do you want to mosey to the finish line again? (Read what you said here.)

2. Every kilometer that you run burns roughly 100 calories. Think of that next 5-km run as a  slice of your favorite cheesecake.

Caramel cheesecake
Photo credit:

3. The first ever Philippine Marathon is two months away. It’s going to be historical. Do you think you can hack it?

4. Your family is looking. Be a good example.

5. You don’t want maintenance medications for high blood, cholesterol, or diabetes, do you?

6. You can have a massage after your long run.

Photo Credit:

7. You can wear any dress you like if you become slimmer.

Photo credit: Plains and Prints

8. Remember that you always get a good mood after running.

9. Hubby likes it when you sweat, you know that.

10. You’ll be having your 3oth high school reunion in about ten months, correct?

MaSci Batch ’83.
I’m on the 3rd row, 5th from the left.

I rest my case.


Now, where are my shoes….?

How about you, friends, what kicks work for you?


4 thoughts on “Kick My Butt!”

  1. We enjoyed reading. I showed your high school class picture to Sofia and she was able to recognize the teen Dra. Joy before she noticed that you actually wrote how to find you.

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