Despite All My Running, I’m Still Hypertensive

That’s what hubby told me this afternoon when I asked him why he looked so depressed sitting alone in the kitchen.

These past few days, he has been having bouts of  light-headedness. His blood pressure  readings were 140-150 / 90-100, usually in the mornings.

(For adults: Normal BP=120/80.   Pre-hypertensive=130/85.   Hypertensive=140/90. For a Blood Pressure Chart, click here.)

In denial, hubby said that those readings were probably just flukes.

I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I lost more than 15 pounds over the last year. I run regularly and I’m fitter today compared to several years ago. I had medical clearance and ran a full marathon five months ago.


Hubby in his office, miserable about the readings.

Daily monitoring, however, just confirmed the sad reality. He is hypertensive.

Despite all his running, hubby cannot change important risk factors like his genes and age. Add to that his work-related stress, the many years of carnivorous-eating  and his being overweight. One year of running cannot erase the many years of indulgence.

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So, off he will go tomorrow for check up and some tests:

Lipid Profile, Electrolytes,  Liver Function, Kidney Function, Blood Sugar, ECG and Chest x-ray.

Having said all these, I’m confident that with clearance from his doctors, hubby will continue  running  and it will help lower his Blood Pressure. In time.

We’ll see what happens with his check up and tests.

My BP’s okay but I’m doing the tests, too. Better safe than sorry.

How about you, are you hypertensive? If not, have you been screened for it?

The latest recommendation is to have an annual screen starting at 18 years old. Target BP is 120 / 80 or lower. Really.

Stay well, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Despite All My Running, I’m Still Hypertensive”

  1. And despite all my running, my butt’s still not toned. This is not fair, being in midlife. Now that I’ve finally got the motivation and discipline, the body starts failing. Great post. And thanks for the follow!

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