Six Lessons From My 30-Day Blog Daily Challenge

This blog was just one DAY old when I put myself into a personal 30-day challenge of  posting daily. Read about my craziness here.

Today, that 30-day challenge ends.

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Did I succeed? No. This is just my 23rd post out of the targeted 30.

Did I learn anything from that experience? After catching my breath and trying to put things in perspective, the answer is “Yes”.

Here are the things I learned:

1. Blogging everyday is HARD.

The hardest part for me was thinking of a topic to write about. Since this is a personal blog, I can write about practically anything. Choosing a topic among the many things that I like, and then putting my perspective and words into it proved difficult to this newbie-writer.

My hats off to you whose jobs require you to put out a blog post or article daily (e.g. newspaper writers). You are very skilled. I admire you.

2. Self-imposed deadlines are strict.  

There was no external deadline for me at all. I wasn’t into anything formal. I just got the idea from WordCount’s Blogathon and Matt Cutts’ talk Try Something New for 30 Days.

Yet, I tried to churn out a post daily JUST BECAUSE I had a self-imposed deadline.

Many times, I stared at this screen having no idea what to write about.

Even though I didn’t blog for the entire 30 days, I blogged a lot more than I would have normally.  If I had it my way, I probably would have been able to put up one, at most three, posts per week. But I was able to do four to  six.

In the end, I was rewarded by a  feeling of integrity for having sincerely tried and a sense of accomplishment when I finally pushed the “Publish” button.

3.  You can teach yourself almost anything. 

As I said, at first blogging was really challenging. I didn’t know how and what to write about.   I fumbled at the buttons of this site, WordPress.

But as time went by, it became easier. I asked other bloggers how they did it. (Thanks sandi and elay!)  I read, and read some more. The amount of material available in the net is limited only by your energy to research.

As in pretty much everything else in life, the more I blogged, the easier it became.

4 . Carrying your camera with you everywhere is a good idea.

Taking photos of whatever fancies you or any random photo for that matter, may inspire a blog post later.

Like when hubby took this photo of me  biking for the first time, I didn’t know that it would be the event that would spur my blogging, as I explained here.

Good thing hubby had a camera. Now, I’m going to bring mine everywhere too.

5. Blogging is much more fun than Facebook.

In your blog you can tell the story as in-depth as you want. That will make the memory, thought, or event more memorable and enriching for you.

Plus, those who read your posts are more or less interested with what you are saying because they chose to go to your blog.

Isn’t it that sometimes in Facebook, we are faced with posts that we don’t like or care nothing about?

6. Sleep deprivation will negatively affect all aspects of your life. Really.

My strategy to be able to blog daily was not to sleep until I finished. That usually resulted to me  going to bed way past midnight.

For some weird reason, I usually only got an idea of what to write about at around 10 PM.  Then I would have many false starts, labor at word construction, and then finally publish after midnight.

Needless to say, majority of my days were spent half-asleep. I was tired most of the time. I didn’t want to work, exercise, or socialize.

From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Now, I am so convinced that sleep is important.  I am thinking of going into another 30 day challenge: Sleeping early. Most likely. I’m still choosing between that or eating oatmeal every breakfast.  What do you think?

So I put an end to this 30 Day Blog Daily Challenge. Thank you very much. It was difficult but I the lessons  are beneficial.

Will I ever do it again? Yes, I think so.  But maybe next year, when I have more experience in writing.

Until then, I’ll post maybe 2-3x a week.  On with the fun, but with less stress this time 🙂

Thank you, my friends!


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