5 Benefits of sleeping late

Hello there!

The sleeping woman is awake and ready to blog. Haha! I’ve not written an update on this 30-day Sleep Challenge for almost 3 weeks now because… well, I’ve been sleeping! A lot. Early.

I think Early to bed and early to rise will be my routine from now on. There are many benefits like having better mood, improved work and sports performance, etc. I will write about them soon.

There’s just a question I have to answer first:

Why did I, for years, prefer to sleep and wake up late?

It was by choice. My work and activities did not require me to sleep late. I just chose it.


I remember reading about Dr Phil’s Life Laws. Out of the ten, I can recall only one and now it can explain why I did what I did.

People do what works.

All behaviors have a payoff. If a particular behavior gives some value to you, you continue to do it. 

Yes, I think that applies. I slept and woke up late because it worked for me. I enjoyed the benefits. Although now that I espouse the early to bed habit, I acknowledge that sleeping late also has its benefits:

1. Silence. No chatter. Very little road noise. Quiet neighbors.  While everyone else sleeps,  I can concentrate on whatever it is that I’m doing, be it reading, doing a project, or blogging. It’s a serene time and I like it.

2. Moon and stars.  Beautiful. Romantic.

3.  Cooler temperature. These days, temperatures can reach up to 30 C during the day. With 77% humidity, that’s uncomfortable! At night, it’s a cool 26 C.

4. Parties and get-togethers. They usually start early in the evening but continue late into the night. I will miss a lot of the fun if I leave early.

5. Faster internet speed. Yes, that’s what I have at night.

I’m sure that other night owls can add many more reasons to my list.

The obvious conclusion: Sleeping late also has its benefits.

Having said this, I must admit that since I experimented with different sleeping routines* this month, sleeping early is still my favorite.

I’ll write about the reasons soon.

Meanwhile, it’s almost 9 PM and I’m getting sleepy.

Good night, my friends!

* sleeping routines I tried:

  • early to be, early to rise
  • early to bed, late to rise
  • late to bed, late to rise
  • late to bed, early to rise.


Read more about this series:


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