Only the useful or beautiful

For the longest time, hubby and I were irritated with the clutter in our living room. Sports equipment, magazines, books, freebies we got from conventions, and many other small items were eyesores.  “What a mess!” we would often say. We didn’t like it.  We were embarrassed by it. But for some strange reason, we didn’t move a muscle to address it.

Then one morning,  Super Typhoon Lawin forced us to stay at home.  A little depressed with the situation, we wanted to do something productive. Miracle of miracles, we faced the despicable clutter!

Our mantra was:

Needless to say, after about three hours, almost nothing remained.

It took  three hours to clear the mess and another two hours to clean up the dirt and grime. Oh my, five hours! That’s all it took! How many days and weeks have we sat in our living room, annoyed by the mess but didn’t  do anything about it? Why oh why did we wait that long???

Short answer: We were distracted and lazy.

BUT NO LONGER. There’s fire in our butts to clear and clean now.

Getting rid of clutter was so freeing. We loved the sense of peace it gave us. Really!  That living room we’ve always thought as small and unpleasant literally transformed into a spacious, relaxing one for us.

And it’s all because we threw away things that were useless and ugly.

Now we’re having a home makeover! Clutter in the other rooms are also being attacked.

Nice, very nice indeed.

How about you? What’s your experience with clutter?


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