Decluttering is like a marathon

My favorite place to run is UP Diliman and my route almost always takes me around the Sunken Garden. Sometimes, there are sports and other events held there. But more often than not,  it is empty like in the photo below… so serene and large… a very nice place to be in.

I guess a clean and empty space, no matter what size,  is almost always relaxing. At least that’s how hubby and I feel about our living room now. No, it’s not totally empty. But compared to how it was before we cleared it of clutter last week, it is now relatively empty.  We L-O-V-E it.

And all it took was five hours of work.

Such was not the case when we started with our bedroom. We were overwhelmed! Nineteen years being married and about fifteen years in this house brought us A LOT OF STUFF!  To think that over the years, we already threw or donated a lot of our things already. We finished decluttering our living room after just five hours. For our bedroom, it’s been almost two weeks now and we’re not done yet.

“It’s just like running a marathon,” hubby said. “We need to pace ourselves and not give up.”

One of the posters during hubby and I’s first marathon, March 2012

Haha, we’re not about to crawl nor give up! Seeing how wonderful the the small areas we have cleared so far is encouraging.

Decluttering cannot always be be like a sprint where we just clear and clean everything in sight and then finish after a short time. It’s persevering, pacing and keeping our eyes on that glorious vision: A clean and truly relaxing bedroom.

No, this is not our bedroom. I wish it were! But we want something like this: clean straight lines, few but quality furnishings, concealed storage, and ZERO CLUTTER.

We have a long way to go but we’ll get there. I know.

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