Marathon’s in 13 days and here’s my workout

Since I’m already cramming, the plan is that I will have no taper and the marathon will just be like a regular long run.

This morning’s workout:

I. Warm up – 1 kilometer slow run

II. Core workout – twists, rotations, leg raises, crunches, plank, spider.


III. Speed ladder drills

This part is high intensity. It’s difficult but I like it better than the core workout.

We use three speed ladders one after another and do something like this:

IV. Run

“This run should be much faster than your marathon pace so that you will be more flexible. Remember to breathe correctly,” said coach in his usual soft spoken manner.

I don’t remember how coach Jomac writes the instructions so I just wrote it like an algebra equation.

8 x {[(40 seconds FAST RUN+ 20 seconds SLOW RUN) x 4] + 1 minute WALK}

Four rounds of 40 seconds fast run followed by 20 seconds slow run. After the fourth rep, walk 1 minute. Do this 8x.

Total: 36 minutes.

That’s it for the day. The whole workout took 2 hours.

I felt great and couldn’t help celebrate the fact that I have strong legs! Oh yeah 🙂

Tomorrow,  my assignment is a 2-hour marathon pace run with the last 10 minutes faster (“as if you’re approaching the finish line”).

Ok. Looking forward.

I just really have to sleep early  🙂




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