How did I get into this marathon thing again? – the history

I was a sedentary, spend-the-whole-day-at-work-and-home person until…

4 years ago – I watched my brother join a run and saw how upbeat everyone was and so, the running bug bit me.

Photo credit: Pinoy Fitness
Photo credit: Pinoy Fitness

10 weeks later, I joined my first 10km run.

Rexona 10 km Run, July 2011

(Read stories here and here.)

3 years ago- I ran my first full marathon (See summary of my first year here).

Dream Fulfilled!  (Nephews Gab and Coy run with me to the finish.)
Dream Fulfilled! (Nephews Gab and Coy run with me to the finish.)

2 years ago-  I wanted some variety so I shifted to Filipino Martial Arts. I did very little running.

with my instructor, Master Cris Pasindo
with my instructor, Master Cris Pasindo

6 months ago- Hubby, conniving with our good friend JN and my sisters, Jehan and Sandi,  registered me to The Bull Runner Dream Marathon (TBRDM) 2015. At first, I protested saying that I’m done with that marathon (which is, in case you don’t know, the first and only marathon in the world that caters exclusively to first- and second-time marathon runners.)

But a few days after that, I changed my mind and excitedly confirmed my registration by personally paying the fee.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


After paying the fee, I trained…not.

4 months ago- hubby convinced me to join a running group coached by champion triathlete Jojo Macalintal (fondly called Jomac). He analyzed my form and technique and I learned that I had to change a lot of things “Coach, I’ve been running the wrong way all these years!” I said. “Well, it’s not really wrong, it’s just not efficient,” he answered. Oh my coach, always mild-mannered and encouraging.

Mondays are for core training, speed ladder drills, and run techniques

Anyway, since my running was very inefficient, I was embarrassed to tell him that I registered for a marathon. I kept it a secret until..

1-1/2 months ago – I told hubby that I was backing out from the marathon because I felt that I was just beginning to learn how to run well. He sort of said “Okay, if that’s your decision”.

The next day he told coach. Instead of my expected “I-can’t believe-you-had-the-gall-to-think-you-can-run-a-marathon” reaction, coach shook his head and said “Sayang naman. Maganda ang TBR. Kaya mo naman tapusin yun. Enjoy mo lang.” “Ahh, okay,” I nodded slowly, not really convinced.

Anyway, from that time on, he gave me a specialized training plan (actually, a cram plan) which I tried to follow diligently.

Mondays are for the drills. Tuesdays are for the actual runs
Tuesdays are for the actual runs. (Coach Jomac is the one in front wearing the Brooks shirt)

2 weeks ago- I ran my first organized run in 2 years. Before that I said that that 21-km run would be the gauge if I’ll push through with the marathon. And much to my surprise, I finished, not fast, but strong and happy :). Read the story here.

Me with my sisters who ran their 3rd marathon
Me with my sisters Sandi and Jehan, here with their 3rd marathon medal.

And so today, Monday, at 9 AM I said, “That’s it, done with the last training drills before the marathon!”


What’s ahead:

  • Tomorrow, Tuesday, I’ll run one hour, easy.
  • Wednesday, 40 minutes, easy.
  • Thursday, 30 minutes, easy.
  • Friday, rest.
  • Saturday, 20 minutes walk plus dynamic stretches.
  • Sunday, MARATHON!

Do you think I’m ready? We’ll see.