21 July 2012

Hi, my name is Joy, a forty-something wife, teacher, pediatrician,  bookworm, trying-hard wannabe vegetarian and a late-bloomer marathoner and biker, based in Manila, Philippines.

About a month ago, I rode a bike again, after almost thirty years of not riding. Barring some physical discomfort, I felt young, fit, and cheerful.

When I told my sister Nene about it, she said, “You should blog about that otherwise, you’ll forget the feeling.” Good point.

So here I am, joining the blogging world. I will write about the ongoing makeover of my life –my athletic and food (mis)adventures, health revival, intellectual pursuits, home improvement, and some other random thoughts. I can be a scatterbrain sometimes, but that doesn’t matter, right?

The goal is to lay out stories that are honest and personal, in order to enjoy and remember them more, examine them closer, and then take steps to have a happier, healthier and more fruitful life. A makeover, via blog. Exciting.

Join me? Help me?

Thank you for reading this.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Joy…two things.

    1. Why vegetarian? Fish is good! So is the occasional bit of meat. Don’t torture yourself, life’s too short. Moderation and all that.

    2. On bike riding. Good for you! I mountain bike a lot, and am getting back into road biking. Do you know what biking is? Playing, which we forget to do as we get older. It’s one of the few things that adults still do that’s just plain fun. If I haven’t ridden for a while, when I finally do get out there, I always ask myself why it took so long!

    1. Hi Drew!
      1. Yes, I enjoy fish several times a week. But after watching a documentary about how animals are raised and butchered here, I can’t seem to enjoy eating meat anymore.
      2. Yay, we’re fellow bikers! You said it right – biking is playing!

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